By Malcolm P. Berger, M.D.

Sunday, June 20, 2004


Treatments with benefit

Radiation Therapy 2001 CS

Reduces salivation

Radiation therapy 2001 CS

Controls salivation

Mirapex reduces oxidative stress

Benefit at 3 months, lost by 9 months. Worth recommending.

Copaxone may slow or prevent cell apoptosis in ALS. Animal study.


Treatments with no benefit

Vitamin E 2001 RPCT

No benefit

Topamax 2003 RPCT

Useless, perhaps dangerous.

Selegiline Vitamin E 2001 RCT

No clinical benefit

Neurontin 2001 RPCT

No value on disease or symptoms

Lamictal 2003 RPCT

No clinical value

Creatine 2003 RPCT

No value

Creatine 2002 RCT

No value for respiratory failure

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