Important warning

By Malcolm P. Berger, M.D.

Thursday, July 01, 2004


Web site warnings and disclaimers

While we make every effort to include all studies, pro and con, concerning each reasonable treatment for each condition, we may occasionally miss important studies.  We do not warrant or represent that this site is all-inclusive for all treatments for all conditions, and further do not warrant or represent that all information that should be considered in making a patient management decision is presented in the articles summarized on this site.  We try to be complete and rely upon users and visitors to this site to help us make this site as complete as possible.

Users of this site are encouraged to seek out other sources of information to assist in management decisions.  Such sources, not available on this site include, but are not limited to: important unpublished studies; poster presentations; studies presented only at meetings; studies published in literature but not summarized by medline; studies published before 1965; expert opinions; and anecdotal cases. 

Occasionally, we include thought provoking data that is not directly related to the topic at hand or only animal data. 

We recognize that some unpublished information may provide important information concerning product efficacy and safety.  It is the responsibility of the users of this site to use their own clinical judgement in determining what treatment is best for an individual patient.

We welcome feedback concerning our site.  We especially want feedback concerning your experience with off label treatment on your patients.  This information will, over time, be pooled and made available to you.

Thank you for visiting our site, and we hope it is useful to you.

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