What is the value of this site to me?

By Malcolm P. Berger, M.D.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this site help me?

How do I get full text documents?

Pubmed allows you to order full text articles from the links on our site.  We agree that sometimes informed decision making will require obtaining and reading the article to learn the details of the study.

What about pre-1965, anecdotal or unpublished information?

As it becomes available to us, we will include some of this on our site.  Obviously, we will not be able to provide links to references for this information. 

What about reviews and critiques of the articles?

We will provide some editorial comments on some treatment pages, but no formal systematic reviews will be performed.  Most formal reviews deal with FDA approved treatments, and we will focus on the non-FDA approved area.  Informal opinion-reviews are not on this site, but we will consider including or summarizing ones that you, our readers, have found to be especially useful in clinical practice.

Some of the articles you include favorably review treatments that have not been suggested by or are dismissed by local thought leaders.

We have no bias at this site.  We include all published data referable to treatment of the condition.  It is certainly possible that some treatments have later been proven to be useless.  If that proof is published as a study, it will be here.  If never published, it will not be here.  Please invite your local expert to comment on our site, or comment yourself!  Your input will be helpful to others who consider the treatment.

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